Green Infrastructure Network

A Green Infrastructure Network (GIN) is an interconnected system of natural areas and open spaces that conserves ecosystems and functions, while providing benefits to both wildlife and people. Defined in Surrey’s Biodiversity Conservation Strategy (BCS), the GIN is composed of 3,885 hectares (ha) of land consisting of urban ecosystems and habitat corridors, sites and hubs providing a range of crucial ecosystem services. When the BCS was adopted, about 70% of the lands identified were already under public ownership (such as City, Provincial, Regional or Federal), including 2,019 ha of City-owned park land. This leaves approximately 1,215 ha of private lands to be purchased or stewarded. The amount of GIN land protected and stewarded is a measure of how well the City is doing to preserve and enhance natural habitats and biodiversity. The City aims to manage 100% of the GIN over time through public ownership and third party stewardship programs on private land.

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First Published Date March 17, 2014
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