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  • Renters in Need

    The main reason for homelessness in Canada is poverty. Many individuals and households may have part-time or full-time employment but do not make enough to afford adequate and...
  • Transit Accessibility

    An accessible transit system should be designed to be convenient, comfortable, and easy to use for everyone, including the elderly and those with different physical abilities....
  • Transition to Post-Secondary

    Individuals with post-secondary education are more competitive in the job market, have better job opportunities, and have higher earnings than a high school graduate. Although...
  • Youth-Centred Events

    Participation in cultural events helps youth and children connect with their community, shape their identities and learn about the diverse cultural backgrounds of Surrey...
  • Integrated Stormwater Management Plans

    Integrated Stormwater Management Plans (ISMPs) take an ecosystem-based approach to rainwater management. These plans are an essential part of a city's growth management strategy...
  • LIDAR Hillshade 2009

    1m raster hillshade derived from 2013 LIDAR data.
  • Elevation GRID 2009

    1m raster elevation GRID derived from 2009 LIDAR data.
  • Elevation GRID 2013

    1m raster elevation GRID derived from 2013 LIDAR data.
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