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  • Fraser Health Restaurant Inspection Reports

    Inspections are conducted on a routine basis and when complaints are received. Inspections determine if regulatory requirements and industry standard practices are being...
  • Current Smokers

    Smoking is widely recognized to have negative effects on health and is the single most preventable cause of ill health and death. The average smoker has a life expectancy that...
  • Availability of Doctors

    Health care professionals provide services such as diagnosis, treatment, and care. Primary health care professionals, such as general practitioners and nurses, are especially...
  • Water Sampling Stations

    A device used to measure water quality as it traverses a water main.
  • Low Birth Weight Babies

    Low birth weight is an important factor that influences infant survival, health and development. Babies that weigh less than 2,500 grams at birth have increased chances of...
  • Healthy Food Choices in City Vending Machines

    Healthy and nutritious food choices must be available for people to maintain a balanced diet. "Health Check", a not-for-profit food information program run by the Heart and...
  • Parks

    This dataset includes parks in Surrey. For more information please visit the Surrey Parks page.
  • Trails and Paths

    This layer displays trails and paths that are maintained and/or operated by the City of Surrey Parks Division.
  • Greenways

    Greenways provide important cycling routes across the City connecting from one community to another and between major parks as recognized by the City's Parks and Recreation...
  • Bike Routes

    This dataset contains City of Surrey bike routes including shoulders, shared traffic, multi-use pathways, local roads, neighbourhood bike routes and sidewalks.
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