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  • Alternate Fueling Stations

    Provides location and information on alternate fueling stations such as electric vehicle charging stations, compressed natural gas filling stations and hydrogen fuelling...
  • Surrey Libraries Circulation 2013

    This dataset summarizes numbers of physical items borrowed from Surrey Libraries in 2013. For additional information please see Policies & Reports.
  • Surrey Libraries Year-End Holdings 2013

    This dataset summarizes number of items in the Surrey Libraries collection as of year-end 2013. For additional information please see Policies & Reports.
  • Use of Civic Facilities

    The health and development of all aspects of a community is the responsibility of citizens as well as that of government and industry. Community initiatives and organizations...
  • Skills in Language Interpretation Among City Staff

    Surrey's population is richly diverse. Seventy-three languages are spoken by residents, as either their mother tongue or the language spoken most often at home. A considerable...
  • Surrey Libraries 2013 Collections - Complete

    The dataset contains the complete raw data for holdings in Surrey Libraries by collection at year-end 2013.