Crime Rate

Protecting people and property is a priority under Surrey’s Public Safety Strategy, and is important for ensuring a high quality of life for people who live and work in the community. Preventing and reducing crime in Surrey involves effective enforcement, timely response, and the collaborative efforts of community organizations and criminal justice professionals. The Crime Severity Index is a metric that looks at annual crime rates, and weights police-reported incidents according to the seriousness of the offense. It is based on Criminal Code incidents, including traffic offences, as well as other federal statute violations. The Crime Severity Index helps provide a more nuanced understanding of the relative severity or seriousness of crime in a community and allows us to see whether serious crime is increasing or decreasing over time. Surrey aims to see a decline in the Crime Severity Index over time.

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Last Updated December 1, 2020, 12:33 (PST)
First Published Date December 15, 2016
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