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  • Ecosystem Corridors

    Ecosystem Corridor Opportunities include linear pathways identified in the Surrey Ecosystem Management Study (EMS) that offer possible species and ecological process connections...
  • Ecosystem Sites

    Ecosystem Sites are smaller areas of natural vegetation with complex ecological processes identified in the Surrey Ecosystem Management Study (EMS) that are between 0.25 and 10...
  • Participation in Environmental Programs

    Environmental programs educate children, youth, and adults on how natural systems function and how they can take action to protect wildlife, maintain environmental quality, and...
  • City of Surrey Fraser River Water Levels

    Measured water levels at two stations, Manson and 192 ST, within the City of Surrey on the Fraser River.
  • Parks

    This dataset includes parks in Surrey. For more information please visit the Surrey Parks page. View in COSMOS
  • Biodiversity Conservation Strategy

    The Biodiversity Conservation Strategy (BCS), adopted in 2014 as part of Corporate Report R141, recognizes Surrey’s biodiversity as a key foundation of a healthy, livable and...
  • Aquatic Hubs

    Aquatic Hubs are large contiguous or near contiguous areas of Streams, wetlands, and foreshore areas, within or immediately adjacent to Surrey with complex ecological processes...
  • Historical Climate Data - 1937-2007

    Historical Monthly Climate Data Mean Maximum Temperature Mean Temperature Mean Minimum Temperature Extreme Maximum Temperature Extreme Minimum Temperature Total Rainfall Total...
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