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  • Road ROW Requirements Downtown

    Indicates the minimum 24 m wide road allowance requirement for future road widening purposes along all Roads within the core City Centre area.
  • Road ROW Requirements

    This dataset contains different types of roads within the City of Surrey that have various right-of-way requirements. The road types include existing arterials and collectors...
  • Neighbourhood Concept Plans

    Land Use Designations by neighbourhood for particular types of land uses as defined by Surrey's Neighbourhood Community Plans.
  • Local Area Plans

    Local Area Plans are older plans that may be replaced by newer NCP areas where there is overlap. These plans contain policy that define more specific land uses than defined by...
  • Town Centre Land Use Plans

    Town Centres define Surrey's Municipal Town Centres as defined by Metro Vancouver's 'Livable Region Strategic Plan'. These plans contain policy that define more specific land...
  • Buildings

    Contains the footprint of local buildings and facilities, private and public, throughout Surrey. View in COSMOS