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  • Drainage Water Bodies

    Polygon features such as Forebay (for a Pump Station), Lake or Wetlands
  • Drainage Sub Catchments

    Sub Catchments are defined geographic limits of the sub-drainage areas which form the Major Drainage Catchments. View in COSMOS
  • Drainage Flood Control

    Linear features that control the flow of stormwater during peak rain periods. These features include Dykes, Spillways and Stoplogs.
  • Drainage 200 Year Flood Plain

    The area that can be expected to flood, on average, once every 200 years. This is called the 200-year flood and can occur at any time in any given year. The indicated flood...
  • Contours 5m

    Contours generated from 2013 LiDAR data collected in April 2013. View in COSMOS
  • Contours 1m

    Contours generated from 2013 LiDAR data collected in April 2013. View in COSMOS
  • City of Surrey Fraser River Water Levels

    Measured water levels at two stations, Manson and 192 ST, within the City of Surrey on the Fraser River.
  • Parks

    This dataset includes parks in Surrey. For more information please visit the Surrey Parks page. View in COSMOS
  • Biodiversity Conservation Strategy

    The Biodiversity Conservation Strategy (BCS), adopted in 2014 as part of Corporate Report R141, recognizes Surrey’s biodiversity as a key foundation of a healthy, livable and...
  • Aquatic Hubs

    Aquatic Hubs are large contiguous or near contiguous areas of Streams, wetlands, and foreshore areas, within or immediately adjacent to Surrey with complex ecological processes...
  • Integrated Stormwater Management Plans

    Integrated Stormwater Management Plans (ISMPs) take an ecosystem-based approach to rainwater management. These plans are an essential part of a city's growth management strategy...
  • Historical Climate Data - 1937-2007

    Historical Monthly Climate Data Mean Maximum Temperature Mean Temperature Mean Minimum Temperature Extreme Maximum Temperature Extreme Minimum Temperature Total Rainfall Total...
  • Construction Waste

    Waste from construction, demolition, and renovation makes up a significant portion of the municipality's waste stream. More than half of wastes generated by construction and...
  • Green Certification for Existing Buildings

    Buildings account for a significant proportion of energy use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in a community. Green building certification systems set voluntary standards for...
  • Green Certification for New Buildings

    Green buildings use energy, water and other resources more efficiently, reduce waste and pollution, and protect occupant health. Green building certification systems set...