Surrey's Open Data Program

Surrey’s Open Data program is an important component of the City’s commitment to be an open, transparent and accessible government.

Open Data is data that is freely available for everyone to use and republish as they wish, without restrictions. The goal of Open Data is to empower citizens, to help small businesses, or to create value in some other positive unforeseen way.

Open Data is an enabler of socio-economic development (healthcare, education, economic productivity, and scientific research) because better access to data is available to all communities.

City of Surrey's Open Data Policy, Corporate Report and Road Map

Key Outcomes

  • One of the largest municipal catalogues in Canada with public access to over 350 datasets.
  • Near real-time access to data to support developer apps and map visualizations through APIs.

Awards and Recognition


Open Data Excellence: Top 3 Programs in Canada

  • The City of Surrey was placed among the top three cities in Canada for open data according to the Public Sector Digest and Canada’s Open Data Exchange. The Open Cities Index report (here) ranks 34 of Canada’s largest municipalities open data programs measuring the readiness, implementation, and impact of the participating cities’ open data initiatives.

Canadian Open Data Excellence Award & Open Data for Democracy Award

  • The City of Surrey has recently been chosen as the winner of the Canadian Open Data Excellence Award 2016 and Open Data for Democracy Award for 2016 at this year's Canadian Open Data Summit.