City of Surrey Open Data API

The City of Surrey is committed to publishing open data to third parties via data feeds through an application

programming interface (API). The City encourages developers to deliver and innovate using open data. We make

available over 400 public data layers through the API's.

The following data API's are currently available for use:

1. RSS Feeds

To create an RSS feed to a data search, simply append a query parameter to the URL. Here is an


Explore the CKAN RSS Feeds Online Documentation for



The open data site utilizes CKAN (open source data portal software). CKAN’s Action API is a

powerful, RPC-style API that exposes all of CKAN’s core features to API clients. All of a CKAN website’s core

functionality (everything you can do with the web interface and more) can be used by external code that calls the


Explore the CKAN API: API

Explore the CKAN API Documentation


ESRI's ArcGIS is a platform for geographic analysis and mapping. The ArcGIS platform is available in a wide variety

of environments and devices because it exposes much of its functionality through web services. To develop with

these web services, you use the ArcGIS REST API along with one of the many ESRI developer API's such as the

ESRI JavaScript API.

Explore our freely accessible Open Data REST endpoints to include in your mobile app, mashup, or web mapping


Overview of free ESRI developer tools

Overview of REST Endpoints

Sample apps built using REST Endpoints

COSMOS Metadata page

ArcGIS Server accessible REST Endpoints:

Explore our ArcGIS Server REST Services

4. City of Surrey Service Requests API

Real-time access to query service requests submitted to the City of Surrey Engineering and Parks departments,

according to the Open311 standard. For instructions how to use and to learn more, please view the Open311

specification, available here. Please note that the functionality to POST

Service Requests via the Open311 API has not been enabled.

Explore the City of Surrey Service Requests API: City of Surrey Service Requests API