KPU Criminology 3115 Crime Mapping

KPU Criminology 3115 Crime Mapping

Students from this crime mapping class examined the use of geographic information systems (GIS) techniques as they apply to crime analysis and criminal investigations. They analyzed developments within the past decade in the use of geographic concepts/methodology toward spatial-statistical analysis of the criminal activity. Students conducted spatial analysis of criminal activity and criminal patterns via methodological software and practical issues pertaining to applied crime mapping versus academic criminological spatial analyses. These are examples of their work, all Data for coursework comes from the City of Surrey's Open Data catalog. Click the links below to view their work and maps:

Age 10-14 and Graffiti Census Tract Map

BE Business and Theft of MV Summer 2017

Dissemination Area Map public transit new

Graffiti and BE Businesses Work Hours vs Home Hours with Secondary Schools

Shoplifting and BE Businesses during after school hours

Dissemination Area Map Single Occupancy and BE Residence

Break and Enter Residence

Theft of Motor Vehicle and Theft from Motor Vehicle